Great Escape Podcast episode 38 - A Little Escape


I've got a few quiet moments whilst my students are out doing an exercise.

I'm teaching a course all this week. It's absolutely terrific fun and on this Little Escape episode of the Great Escape Podcast I just thought I'd talk about what it's been like to sit with a group of people who've never done anything like what we're talking about this week.

A lot of them have no idea, other than that they wanted to join this course, about the real nitty-gritty about what we do every day when we're being a celebrant But one of the joys for me, spending a week with a group of people from all walks of life from all over the country, is the things I pick up from them the little bits of conversation where I suddenly realise that I thought I understood a concept or I thought I understood how something works, or a group of people live their lives, and actually discover that the reality is somewhat different.

So the privilege as as a teacher, as somebody who is helping other people explore their...

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