Great Escape Podcast episode 46 - Make sure you get done what you need to get done


It's been an interesting few days.

I'm really making some progress with a couple of projects, and that causes a tension with other things that need to be done, aren't necessarily terribly important, but are urgent and you get this sort of sense of frustration of, actually, I need to be focusing on this, this strategic thing, but there's this tactical, interruption that also needs to be dealt with and it's just getting in the way.

Getting that balance. Working out how to respond to those things has actually been quite tricky in the last few days. So, I've got quite a lot of tension or frustration going on inside as I try and work out how to get that balance right, so what I'm trying to do is Get up, Rehydrate, first thing. Get down to the gym. Get some fairly serious exercise done just to get the blood moving because we all know that has really positive impact on mental health and mental state as well as the physical advantages. And then spend the morning doing what I want to do....

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