Great Escape Podcast episode 38 - A Little Escape


I've got a few quiet moments whilst my students are out doing an exercise.

I'm teaching a course all this week. It's absolutely terrific fun and on this Little Escape episode of the Great Escape Podcast I just thought I'd talk about what it's been like to sit with a group of people who've never done anything like what we're talking about this week.

A lot of them have no idea, other than that they wanted to join this course, about the real nitty-gritty about what we do every day when we're being a celebrant But one of the joys for me, spending a week with a group of people from all walks of life from all over the country, is the things I pick up from them the little bits of conversation where I suddenly realise that I thought I understood a concept or I thought I understood how something works, or a group of people live their lives, and actually discover that the reality is somewhat different.

So the privilege as as a teacher, as somebody who is helping other people explore their lives and move forwards in their lives is actually that you never stop learning, that you are always discovering something new... and just today I had a conversation with somebody at lunchtime and learnt something which will change the way I think about parts of celebrancy and, I hope, really enhance my practice as well. And again, I know I've said this relatively recently... it was that moment of humility is not to be the person who knows everything there is to know about a subject, but it is to be willing to learn, to be willing to be the student even though theoretically you're the teacher.

I know I'm a day late with this one and I'm sorry about that, it's been a mad, mad, week with a classroom full of wonderful people learning lots of things, and, on that note, I shall sign off... but yeah, never become big headed, always be willing to learn something new.

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