Great Escape Podcast episode 13 - Joel Hawbaker - blended parenting and fixing my own attitude first

Joel Hawbaker is a high school teacher and soccer coach in Alabama. He is also a blended/step-family coach, working with families to help them live more cooperatively and positively. He is a divorced and remarried father of two amazing daughters, and he and his family also have two rescue dogs, Butterscotch and Bruiser. Finally, he is the author of the Amazon #1 book called 'Inverted Leadership: Lead Others Better By Forgetting About Yourself.'

- On today's episode we have Joel Hawbaker whose website As usual we'll put all websites we reference in the show notes. And Joel's story of blended family life, step parenting, creating that whole new life, really has been something of an inspiration to me considering some of my story. Joel,...
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