Great Escape Podcast episode 31 - Ian Harding - Do It For Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2019

Ian's website is:

- [Ian] He knows and I continue to tell him how pivotal it was, what he did for me.

- [Announcer] We are go for lift off in T-minus 30. All systems are go.

- [Stuart] And on this episode of The Great Escape Podcast I'm talking to Ian Harding. And Ian describes his journey through college basically partying, drinking and ending up incredibly out of shape. And how pivotal one particular friends was in helping him make that turn around. Ian, welcome to podcast.

- [Ian] Thank you so much for having me, Stuart. I'm really looking forward to it.

- [Stuart] You're very welcome. So tell us a bit more, what was life like before you decided that something had to change?

- [Ian] Life was partying, going out, having a good time. And it was never, I won't say never, but it was just a fun time. I was just going out, having you know, great memories with great friends. Getting to experience college and getting to really meet some new people...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 30 - Get help, don't struggle alone


After last week's conversation with Dawn Apuan, and the last couple of weeks have actually been pretty tricky for me from a work perspective. I took the funeral last week for a 24 year old, who had taken his own life, and it was a real challenge to bring some sense of comfort, and meaning to his family, and to the 150 plus people at the crematorium, at the ceremony to say goodbye to him. And the tragedy of the whole situation really was that he knew, because he said so, that if he'd reached out for help, there would've been any number of people who would have been there for him, but somehow the state of his mind, his mental illness, his depression just meant that he was unable to reach out for that help, unable to find connection with another human being, and that just really left me very, very saddened about the state of society where people are so isolated. So my thought for today is really don't ever feel that you are completely isolated, because that's almost never the case. In...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 29 - from "there is no hope" to living life to the full

great escape Sep 14, 2019

- Still to this day I remember texting my sister, "There's no hope." And setting my phone down on the kitchen counter and just weeping.

We are go for lift off In T-minus 30 All systems are a go Hit it

- And on this episode of Great Escape Podcast, I'm talking to Dawn Opwan, and Dawn said that her husband and she worked for an organization that provided a fully furnished house with paid utilities, two cars, insurance, and of course, employment. Lots of security, but no freedom. Dawn, welcome to the podcast.

- Hi Stuart, I'm so excited to be here today.

- You're very welcome. So tell us what it was that made you decide that this lovely, secure employment environment had to change, that this was, you needed more freedom?

- Yes, throughout the time, as you mentioned, the job, we were in ministry, and it provided a lot of security for my husband and I. And we had been in a city and in a community for five years, and at that point we had an annual review with our leadership, who...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 28 - Never Stop Learning

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

Now this is just a quick episode about learning and trying new things. On Friday last week I was at a conference with a group of entrepreneurs, and one of the group stood up and gave a talk on email marketing, and she'd got a particular spin on how to do it. And I thought that's really interesting, I've never thought about it that way, I will give that a try. So, on Saturday I sat down, I read a sequence of five emails, and I kicked it off to a list of what I thought were people who'd signed up for one of my freebie products, but then were no longer interested in the big product that I got to sell. And the first email went out on Saturday, the second one on Monday and the third one went out today, Wednesday. So far, I've had £10,000, which is what, $13,000 worth of sales, from a list of people that I thought were no longer interested in my products, and it just got me thinking. What's changed, what's different? The only thing that's different is my attitude, my thinking and...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 27 - Lex Wooldridge asks "Why not me?"

depression great escape Sep 07, 2019

- I was never actually present, I was, just felt completely lost, completely defeated, completely overwhelmed, all the time.

- This is the Great Escape Podcast.

- We are going for liftoff in T minus 30.

- All systems are a go.

- Hit it.

- And on this episode of the Great Escape Podcast, I am talking to Lex Wooldridge who is a mindset and lifestyle coach, and her specialization is for women who are struggling with internal battles. Lex, welcome to the podcast.

- Thank you for having me here.

- You're very welcome. Now, obviously I've looked into your story a little bit, and tell us what life was like before you made changes, 'cause it sounded like it was pretty grim.

- Yeah, I mean, I kind of always struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem issues, kind of my whole life. But it was all made so much worse after I had kids. I struggled for three years to actually become pregnant. It was a, it was something that I really wanted, I really wanted to have kids, but in this struggle to...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 26 - What are your self limiting beliefs?

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2019


- [Stuart] It struck me recently that one of the things that holds a lot of us back from doing anything is we think we can't. There's that saying, you know, if you think you can't, you probably can't. And the reality is that most people who tried to do something were just people who tried to do something. They weren't geniuses, they weren't called to do it, they weren't somebody famous to begin with, they were just them. They had an idea, they went and they did it. And they may well have failed the first couple of times they tried it, or the first three times they tried it. But actually, did they fail, or did they find a way that it didn't work? Or did they find a way that, actually, it could be improved if we do it like this? So all of these things led me to think that the reality is that for most of us, the only thing that's holding us back is our own self-doubt, our own belief that we can't do it, our own belief that we, in some way, aren't up to the job. And the reality...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 25 - Eric Simms - Loser to Leader

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2019

- [Stuart] This is the Great Escape Podcast. Episode 25.

- [Announcer] We are going for liftoff in T minus 30. All systems are a go. Hit it.

- [Stuart] And on this episode, I'm taking to Eric Sims, who, well basically starts his bio with drug smuggler. So Eric, welcome to the podcast.

- [Eric] Hey, thanks for having me, I appreciate it. Good to be here.

- [Stuart] You're very welcome. So, obviously, with an intro like that, there's gotta be an interesting story behind it. Tell us a bit about your life before you made the changes that got you to where you are.

- [Eric] Yeah, kind of the short version is I grew up in a middle class, you know, white family in Texas. And, you know, it's kind of traditional Southern Baptist Christian kind of upbringing that you get in the area. And I was never one that really took to it real well. Early on in my life, I found out that being, one, I was extremely insecure at a young age. And so I found very quickly that I could, you know, kind of control...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 24 - What do you want life to feel like?

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2019

- [Stuart] This is the Great Escape Podcast. My name's Stuart Morris and this is episode number 24. A little escape.
- [Astronaut Over Radio] We are go for lift off in T minus 30. All systems are a go.
- [Male Bass] Hit it.
- [Stuart] One of the things about the Great Escape Podcast is that it's about people who've made a transition, whether it's from a bad relationship to no relationship, a bad relationship to a better relationship either with the same person or with a different person, or from a bad job to a good job, from a bad job to their own career defining what they want to do each day. Whatever the change has been, whatever the escape from some intolerable situation into a life that is more intentional, more thought through and deliberate, it doesn't really matter what that is but one of the key things, certainly for me on my journey, has been to find a life that is dominated by contentment and joy and fun rather than a life that's dominated by the nine-to-five and the commute....

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Great Escape Podcast episode 23 - Kenyon Ziztka rethinking the American Dream


:- [Stuart] This is the Great Escape Podcast, episode 23.
- [Intro Announcer] We are go for liftoff in T minus 30. All systems are go.
- [Stuart] And today on the Great Escape podcast, I am talking to Kenyon Zitzka, who left a factory job and now has his dream job out on the ocean. Kenyon, welcome to the show. And tell us about that escape.
- [Kenyon] Well, thanks for havin' me, first off. And yeah, like you said, I recently, well, couple years ago I, you know, made a leap, moved from upstate New York down to Charleston, South Carolina to get back out to sea. I'm a military veteran, I just retired from the Navy as well. And you know, I was in upstate New York working that, you know, quote unquote American Dream job at a factory, you know, the place where you're supposed to put 20, 30 years in, get that retirement, then sail off into the distance. But, you know, workin' that job I found myself pretty miserable. I was drivin' one hour one way just to get to that job. My wife and I, we...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 22 - Legacy


- [Stuart Morris] This is the Great Escape Podcast. Episode 22.
We are go for lift-off in T-minus ten
All systems are a go
Hit it
- Yesterday was a tough day. For lots of reasons but primarily because we said good-bye to an amazing lady, one of my longest standing friends, Ann Collins. She has been fighting cancer for 10 12 years and kept bouncing back. But the thing that's really stuck with me is how everybody who was at the funeral spoke of how she was always positive, always finding beauty in the world, always trying to sow something of joy, or some uplifting thought. And that reminded me of something that when I'm teaching Celebrants, I think it's the last slide of the course, is to think about our legacy. What is it we want to leave behind? When somebody else is writing our eulogy, what three things would we want them to say about us? And yeah, we're not perfect, we're all human, we're all flawed people, we all have good days and bad days. But overall, what is the sense that...

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