Great Escape Podcast episode 27 - Lex Wooldridge asks "Why not me?"

depression great escape Sep 07, 2019

- I was never actually present, I was, just felt completely lost, completely defeated, completely overwhelmed, all the time.

- This is the Great Escape Podcast.

- We are going for liftoff in T minus 30.

- All systems are a go.

- Hit it.

- And on this episode of the Great Escape Podcast, I am talking to Lex Wooldridge who is a mindset and lifestyle coach, and her specialization is for women who are struggling with internal battles. Lex, welcome to the podcast.

- Thank you for having me here.

- You're very welcome. Now, obviously I've looked into your story a little bit, and tell us what life was like before you made changes, 'cause it sounded like it was pretty grim.

- Yeah, I mean, I kind of always struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem issues, kind of my whole life. But it was all made so much worse after I had kids. I struggled for three years to actually become pregnant. It was a, it was something that I really wanted, I really wanted to have kids, but in this struggle to...

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