Great Escape Podcast episode 23 - Kenyon Ziztka rethinking the American Dream


:- [Stuart] This is the Great Escape Podcast, episode 23.
- [Intro Announcer] We are go for liftoff in T minus 30. All systems are go.
- [Stuart] And today on the Great Escape podcast, I am talking to Kenyon Zitzka, who left a factory job and now has his dream job out on the ocean. Kenyon, welcome to the show. And tell us about that escape.
- [Kenyon] Well, thanks for havin' me, first off. And yeah, like you said, I recently, well, couple years ago I, you know, made a leap, moved from upstate New York down to Charleston, South Carolina to get back out to sea. I'm a military veteran, I just retired from the Navy as well. And you know, I was in upstate New York working that, you know, quote unquote American Dream job at a factory, you know, the place where you're supposed to put 20, 30 years in, get that retirement, then sail off into the distance. But, you know, workin' that job I found myself pretty miserable. I was drivin' one hour one way just to get to that job. My wife and I, we...

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