Great Escape Podcast episode 39 - Mike Collins escaping the tyranny of sugar

addiction great escape Oct 19, 2019

You can contact Mike here:

His book on Amazon - it's free in the US.

- And on this episode of "The Great Escape" podcast, I'm talking to Mike Collins, and I'm gonna let Mike introduce himself. So Mike, tell us a bit about yourself, and what your life was like before you decided to make some change.

- Yeah, thank you. Thanks for having me, and thanks for doing this work that you're doing. We talked a little bit before the episode, and it sounds like an exciting project that you're on, and I appreciate you having me on. I have a podcast version, I'll do it, you know, as succinctly as possible, but, you know, as far as the alcohol and drugs, I'm going to reverse engineer this a little bit. But when I was, you know, about 13 or 14, I was using, basically, I mean, maybe I shouldn't reverse...
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