Great Escape Podcast episode 42 - Self doubt and imposter syndrome


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Couple of weeks ago, I discovered that a good friend of mine for many years had died unexpectedly. And I was on my way to an airport to head out to another country for a business trip, and so I'm sitting in a taxi trying to process his death. How did I feel about that? What did that mean for, various projects that we had on together? All of those things and my own personal grief with that. And you would get on an airplane, fly for a couple of hours, land somewhere else, deal with all of the things that needed dealing with there. And hey, it was a great business trip. Got a lot done, built some new relationships which should turn into profitable and enjoyable business. And all the time, I'm kinda struggling with this idea that we are mortal, that life ends. And that was kinda there in the back of my head and a bit of an irritation, really, in the great scheme of things. Is it that, that...

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