Great Escape Podcast episode 47 - What Three Words?

great escape Nov 16, 2019

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Great Escape Podcast episode 46 - Make sure you get done what you need to get done


It's been an interesting few days.

I'm really making some progress with a couple of projects, and that causes a tension with other things that need to be done, aren't necessarily terribly important, but are urgent and you get this sort of sense of frustration of, actually, I need to be focusing on this, this strategic thing, but there's this tactical, interruption that also needs to be dealt with and it's just getting in the way.

Getting that balance. Working out how to respond to those things has actually been quite tricky in the last few days. So, I've got quite a lot of tension or frustration going on inside as I try and work out how to get that balance right, so what I'm trying to do is Get up, Rehydrate, first thing. Get down to the gym. Get some fairly serious exercise done just to get the blood moving because we all know that has really positive impact on mental health and mental state as well as the physical advantages. And then spend the morning doing what I want to do....

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Great Escape Podcast episode 45 - Remembering is important

great escape Nov 11, 2019

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Some film clips courtesy and copyright of the BBC.

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Great Escape Podcast episode 44 - Don't be lonely, community is important


-One of the challenges, joys of doing a regular podcast, especially solo editions, is that you gotta come up with something to talk about, and sometimes you're sitting there thinking, "I have no idea what to talk about." And today's episode really just came out of itself. It's been just such a day.

I've had several conversations today with friends, business colleagues, who are struggling for all sorts of reasons. But actually, when I thought about it, I realized that part of what I was struggling with as well today, is that human beings are tribal, social creatures. Through most of our history we lived in small communities, something like 70 to a 100 people. We knew everybody within our community, we work together, we live together, we play together. And something that happens in modern life is even though we're more connected than we ever were, Facebook, Twitter, all of these things, email, mobile phones. Actually in many ways, we are less closely connected with anybody. So when we...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 43 - Kat Mclead escaping the income trap

abuse great escape Nov 02, 2019

Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur: *the* proven framework for creating a highly profitable business that you love while working 2 hours a day.

She started her first multiple 6 figure business 20 years ago, and hasn’t slowed down since — not even after having my son. A fun fact: That business’s profits meant that she had way more money than her husband when they first got married, and was able to pay the entire $450,000 down payment on their home. Not that he minded!

She fully planned on being a pampered Stay at Home Mom, but once her son began preschool, and she actually had ME time again for the first time in years, she became restless. So she came out of “retirement” and started coaching her friends just to give her a little extra buzz.

Since then, she’s helped numerous Stay at Home Moms find fulfillment and independent income outside of motherhood all while staying Mom first.

AND that’s how she developed THE...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 42 - Self doubt and imposter syndrome


You can grab your copy of "Ditching Imposter Syndrome" here:

Couple of weeks ago, I discovered that a good friend of mine for many years had died unexpectedly. And I was on my way to an airport to head out to another country for a business trip, and so I'm sitting in a taxi trying to process his death. How did I feel about that? What did that mean for, various projects that we had on together? All of those things and my own personal grief with that. And you would get on an airplane, fly for a couple of hours, land somewhere else, deal with all of the things that needed dealing with there. And hey, it was a great business trip. Got a lot done, built some new relationships which should turn into profitable and enjoyable business. And all the time, I'm kinda struggling with this idea that we are mortal, that life ends. And that was kinda there in the back of my head and a bit of an irritation, really, in the great scheme of things. Is it that, that...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 41 - Overcoming abandonment and injury

great escape Oct 26, 2019

Jill was abandoned at birth and suffered a head injury at a very early age. She's overcome these things to build her own business, help lead a church and be a mom. Where you've come from is much less important than where you want to go.


- Well, as I shared with you earlier, life for me was not an easy start, like you mentioned. I, within seconds of my birth, I was abandoned. My mother placed me for adoption and while in foster care, I was about two months old and I had, I was either dropped on my head, or thrown against a wall, it's a little vague on what happened, but I ended up with a blood clot on my brain, and spent the next couple of months in a hospital while they drained that. And then there was a lot of uncertainty as to what the longterm effects would be, so I became what they termed unadoptable. But fortunately, there was a family that was also deemed unmatchable,...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 40 - A Little Escape linking to a much longer podcast on Imposter Syndrome

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2019

Listen to Sara's podcast here:

Clare's book is here:

- In the general population, 49% of male respondents said they were struggling with imposter syndrome daily, or regularly, and it was having a measurable effect on their performance, their mental health, and their emotional well-being. The figure for women was 52% daily or regularly. The figure for entrepreneurs, 82%.

- I've been working in the office today editing videos and listening to podcasts. And I was listening to Sara Moseley's Million Dollar Online Business podcast, which is great. Absolutely fabulous podcast, and I'll put a link to that in the show notes. She, in her most recent episode, was talking to Clare Josa. Not quite sure how they pronounce Clare's surname. And Clare has done a fantastic piece of research into imposter syndrome and released a book. And one of the just truly amazing things is that in the general population, as you heard in the...

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Great Escape Podcast episode 39 - Mike Collins escaping the tyranny of sugar

addiction great escape Oct 19, 2019

You can contact Mike here:

His book on Amazon - it's free in the US.

- And on this episode of "The Great Escape" podcast, I'm talking to Mike Collins, and I'm gonna let Mike introduce himself. So Mike, tell us a bit about yourself, and what your life was like before you decided to make some change.

- Yeah, thank you. Thanks for having me, and thanks for doing this work that you're doing. We talked a little bit before the episode, and it sounds like an exciting project that you're on, and I appreciate you having me on. I have a podcast version, I'll do it, you know, as succinctly as possible, but, you know, as far as the alcohol and drugs, I'm going to reverse engineer this a little bit. But when I was, you know, about 13 or 14, I was using, basically, I mean, maybe I shouldn't reverse...
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Great Escape Podcast episode 38 - A Little Escape


I've got a few quiet moments whilst my students are out doing an exercise.

I'm teaching a course all this week. It's absolutely terrific fun and on this Little Escape episode of the Great Escape Podcast I just thought I'd talk about what it's been like to sit with a group of people who've never done anything like what we're talking about this week.

A lot of them have no idea, other than that they wanted to join this course, about the real nitty-gritty about what we do every day when we're being a celebrant But one of the joys for me, spending a week with a group of people from all walks of life from all over the country, is the things I pick up from them the little bits of conversation where I suddenly realise that I thought I understood a concept or I thought I understood how something works, or a group of people live their lives, and actually discover that the reality is somewhat different.

So the privilege as as a teacher, as somebody who is helping other people explore their...

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